Rush One

Born March 1985. Began His Music Quest 1997
2005 RUSH ONE is born after many years of writing and recording under various names. Within the last 5 years he has soared high above many other artists with his delivery, erratic rhyme patterns and timing. Rush One is truly a force to be reckoned with. May of 2007 The first 2 albums were released “Rushin’ The Industry Musick” & “The Crafty Rhythms E.P.” 2008 Along with DubbSixx The Galantz were born Taking time and energy to perfect their sound. Then 2009 He released his self titled album “Rush One” Giving him mass amounts of respect through out the United States. With The release of the debut Galantz Reign Of Terror Mixtape, he plans to record a new solo album showing his growth throughout the past few years.