RoJo Fiasco

Fun and energetic Rock band from Lincoln Nebraska!


RoJo Fiasco is a hard working and fun loving rock band that was formed in the late summer of 2012. These talented musicians stem from past progressive rock power groups like “The Ghost Turtles” and “The side projects”

Rosso and Jonas had played together in TSP for a few years in the mid- 2000s and after a disagreement in musical direction Jonas quit the band. It wasn’t until an unlikely reuniting in 2011 (and a failing solo career) that sparked many long jam sessions and drunken nights of writing that would eventually become the progressive rock power group that you know and love today.

After about a year of small shows it was becoming clear that the band wasn’t complete. Jonas asked his old friend and former band mate Trevor to jam one day and it became crystal clear what needed to be done!

And on the day Trevor mixed his gut busting drum beats with Ross’ face melting guitar licks and the soothing and intricate sounds of Jonas’ bass guitar you got the greatest rock band on the fucking planet……….ROJO FIASCO