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Born Ray Anthony Green in Chicago, Illinois on Februaury 18, 1993, Rey Styles is an African American rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. This musician is on a mission to catch the hip-hop Culture's attention around the world. At the age of 4, Rey Styles knew his purpose was in the music industry. Also, around this time in his life, him and his family moved to Omaha, Nebraska.

Rey Styles grew up listening to a different type of music then most of the kids in his generation. He listened to artists and groups that loved Jesus. Kirk Franklin was the closest thing to hip-hop his mother and father, Pamela and Ray Green, allowed him to listen to. Mrs. and Mr. Green didn't want their children to be exposed to people like Tupac, Snoop Dog and Biggie because those were artists seen as negative influences to younger people. But one day, he discovered, a rap group called "The Cross Movement" and a rapper named T-bone. To Rey Styles, it was revolutionary concept. And after listening to artists like Lecrae and the 116 Clique, Rey Styles officially indoctrinated himself in the hip-hop culture. His love for music continued to grow.

At age eleven, Rey Styles began to write his own rap songs, And at age sixteen, he performed his first single, "Calling Card" at his home church in Omaha. Rey Styles continued this until he began to pursue his career professionally in 2013. Since then, Rey Styles has released multiple singles on his soundcloud. He has also been featured in a concert at the Young Lions Conference at Ambassadors Worship Center in Omaha, Nebraska with other musicians including King Twan, Joshua Williams and many more. Together, they all released a collaboration album called "Roar". Rey Styles has participated in 3 showcases including AMTC Shine in Orlando, Florida in 2013, the Foz Fest in Omaha, Nebraska in 2014, and the RawArtist Omaha showcase in March of 2015. Rey Styles regularly does shows around his own city. He released his first mixtape called "Confessions" in July 2016 with 10 originals tracks written by himself featuring other amazing artists including J. Crum. Confessions the Mixtape can now be streamed on services such as Sound Cloud, Spotify, AppleMusic, and can be downloaded on CDbaby, Itunes and