MurderHouse is a Metal band from Omaha, Nebraska


MurderHouse is a Metal band from Omaha, NE, comprised of former members of Break Maiden, Furiosity, and Black on High. The band was formed in late 2014 by Bob Harman, Jake Loehr, and Wes Graffius, who were looking to tap their head-banging roots and move in a heavier direction with their music. They soon added the talents of vocalist Jeremy Krieg and bassist James Doke.

With a finalized lineup, the newly formed band began to quickly write songs and decided to record a 4 song EP during the Summer of 2015 – all transpiring before ever playing a single show. They released their self-titled EP along with their explosive live debut in August 2015.

In the first year of the band's existence, MurderHouse quickly moved up the ranks, sharing the stage with some of the region's top acts. They are known for delivering a physically intense performance, which has allowed them to secure a steady stream of dates.

Currently the band is preparing to unleash a follow up EP to their self titled effort in August 2017. Properly titled, The Accomplice, is sure to please existing fans of the band while expanding their fan base, as MurderHouse has expanded and refined upon their signature sound.

MurderHouse – coming soon to destroy a stage near you!