Million Little Voices

Dreamy soulful cool with catchy hooks that keep you humming for days


New music from seasoned vets of the Omaha music scene - you know us! We have been in lots of bands:

Shell -Headlines, Phoenix Rising

Cami - Lavender Couch, Foil, Sugarburn, Goodbye Sunday, Surfer Rosa, Lesbian Bus Crash

Susan - Lesbian Bus Crash, Shortwave Omen, Modern Age, The Bad Canadians, Lavender Couch, Compost, Jumpin' Kate, The Decades.

Becky- Six Speed Universe, Lullaby for The Working Class

Bryan - Sour Valley, SupaLounge, Six Speed Universe, Oxygen, Midtown Method, Flippin' Whiskey, Sump'n Sump'n.

We have been around for a long time in Omaha making music, and now we are putting all of our experiences together to make some lovely lovely music.