Manouche Moustache

Contact Pierre for booking 402-598-0220

Although their immigration status is questionable at best, Manouche Moustache has come to America bringing a swinging guitar driven acoustic jazz within the tradition of French gypsy culture. They claim to be descendants of the great virtuoso Django Reinhardt. However, judging on their diverse appearance, it seems to be probably as factual as their so-called immigration papers.
They play a repertoire of original tunes, early jazz standards, and french classics in the “Hot Club” vein. Manouche Moustache’s last gig, at a tent revival, was canceled because someone spotted a crystal ball in an open guitar case. The band was disappointed that a riot prevented them from showcasing the mystical allure of their crowd pleasing sounds.
Manouche Moustache has been accepting donations to record an album of original material. Please donate directly to the band members. Unfortunately, their idea of a social fundraising platform is to work the crowd utilizing the fine art of pick pocketing.