My name is Jon-E Leach. I’m just a singer from the heart of Nebraska trying to pay the rent with my
music. I’ve worked my whole life toward one goal. I wanted to be able to
work hard on music and be able to live decently from it. I’m part of an
independent label called Supernova Music Group who found me after a talent
show. They have helped me hone in on skills I already had and showed me
thing I didnt know I was capable of. I feel that with the right
opportunity, I could be successful. I’m not looking to be a superstar. I
just want recognition for what I’ve accomplished. We’re working on an album
as of right now and when its finished I hope I can reach enough people.
That’s why I’ve submitted this and other videos to every place I could find
just hoping one would be interested. This is a video titled Anticipation
featuring my label mate Taliani. I hope you like it.