In Danger of Falling

We make music. You like music. We like pits. You love moshing. Twas a match made in Heaven.


It all started in the alley behind shake and shank. I was living off of rats, posed for downfall, hopelessly struggling to survive... eating rats. When suddenly, SHKIDAAAANG Ethan Davis explodes out of the sky riding a bronze chariot (because everyone else has gold ones) holding a spear imbued with the powers of matador mixed species pythons dipped in thundersauce... I stared in disbelief as he rooted through a nearby trash can. I asked him, "Sir," or as he recalls, "Oy you bluddy whanka cheese wheels, what is it that you are doing, and from where do you hail?" He replied, "The sacred land of JOEL where prolapses blossom like swaying elegant pink socks, glistening in the four suns that tinge the sky colors that you have never witnessed." I said, "Let's go." I decided to bring my buddy Drew... and now we are a band. The end.