Haus of Chains

A hard rock band fueled by passion and carried by love. HOC brings back the raunchiness of the 80’s sleaze rock and the darker style of hair metal. We are the edge of the switchblade that reminds you of the old days at the sunset strip. We are here to bring the party back, one stage at a time. We are a family, a band of brothers, all fueled by the passion of Rock and Roll.


Haus of Chains was formed in the spring of 2015 and was a 5 piece that had an unreleased EP “Family”. Due to some difference we went through some lineup changes that led us to the current members.
In January of 2017 we decided to venture out of our comfort zone of small towns and try our luck in the big city of Omaha NE, and we rocked it! This was followed up by a second show 2 weeks later opening for an amazing national band Super Bob also in Omaha. That was it we were hooked on playing the bigger stages and then started booking shows in other surrounding cities. We have maintained a very busy schedule trying to book as many shows as we can.
In July of 2017 we released our first LP Love & Corruption. An album filled with that driving hard rock feel of the 80’s!!