Grindhouse Promotion: Lincoln/Omaha EDM Crew.


In the summer of 2011, Joseph Johnson (CockyCat), Jordy Bouwens (Cake Eater) and Spencer Munson (Spencelove) of Lincoln, NE plotted to crew up and join forces, ultimately building the foundation for the EDM collective now known as "Grindhouse". After quick success of several events together under the umbrella of the name Grindhouse the group decided then recruit members Steven Garcia and Santiago Rozo of the local duo "Fusion" (Mediterrania Events).

Recently Grindhouse has added 2 low down dirty mother fuckers to the mix. Musical sawzall "NapNasty" Stephen Bils and Videography Wiz Thomas "Yimbo Slice" Yim

Presently, The core 7 members perform on a regular basis in both Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska (Primarily) but have covered locations in the united states promoting their respective solo acts and duos.

The Grindhouse Crew currently maintains monthly residencies at some of both Lincoln and Omaha's most prominent locations. Located below are a schedule of said events:

House of Loom, Omaha, NE
Grindhouse Presents: (Presented by: Cake Eater, Spencelove and Stephen Bils, 3rd Friday of every month

Mixbarcade, Lincoln, NE:
-Grindhouse Monthly (Last Saturday of every month)
-Digital Love (Presented by CockyCat 2nd Thursday of every month)
-Teenage Mutant Techno, Bourbon Theatre, Lincoln, NE
-Mediterrainia (Fusion) ***[Fusion x Cake Eater in 2012]

In addition to performing, Grindhouse crew aslo maintains management and promotion actives for roster artists as well as some of the most in-demand electronic music artists in the industry.