Christian Walsh Music

16 year old Blues/Rock guitarist Christian Walsh! Official Fan Page!


16 year old Blues/Rock guitarist Christian Walsh has been playing guitar since he was 7 years old. He got it and never put it down. In 2013 he got invited to play at Angels Strawbale Saloon by Spencer, NE for bikefest. He played with Manoucheri Trio, Capitol Nine, Dirty Word, and Randall Zwarté Band. Since then he has played many shows at a venue in his town called Chesterfield West. He helps run lighting and sound for other shows there too. In 2014 he played at an alumni. He also played at Angels Strawbale Saloon again for bikefest 2014. He played with Entrapment from Sioux City, IA. He met the band Rev Theory there also. He played at Chesterfield West for Halloween, and New Years Eve in 2014. He played bikefest in 2015 again and opened up the nights with the National Anthem and sat in with many bands. He is gonna start writing more music and recording more!