Bolzen Beer Band

We’re more fun when you dance, We sound better when you sing, and we look better when you’re drunk!


This isn't your grandma's polka... this is a party punk polka band that is like nothing else you've ever seen, bringing polka into the next generation...

Beginning as a skilled metal drummer, Dave Socha grew an affinity toward German culture and its music and birthed the idea that is Bolzen Beer Band. In April 2010, he ran into brass musician Brian Brazier, and after Dave learned accordion in just 5 months (during a trip to Germany, of course), they busked the Husker tailgates, where they became known among the Nebraska faithful. Since then, they have been to Wilber Czech Festival, the largest in the nation (where they rode on the back of tandem bicycles in the parade), Austin TX for SXSW (where they had 50+ people doing the hokey pokey on the street and were pictured in the New York Times), Madison WI (where they witnessed an adorable 80 year old lady chug a boot and dance for 4 hours), and Panama City Beach FL, (where everybody loved Freebird and Red Solo Cup... Polka Style).

In November 2012, they recorded their debut album "Sex Drugs Polka", a one-of-a-kind, 28-minute roller coaster that breaks the boundaries of polka and explores different styles from around the world, while keeping the trademark Bolzen feel: fast, loud, and drunk!