Blu Simon

One of the most dynamic and entertaining acts around, showmanship is a mainstay for this regional rock and roll group.


Blu Simon is one of the most dynamic and entertaining acts around. Showmanship is a mainstay with this group of rock and roll musicians. Playing sets of Originals and Covers they capture audiences and take them for a ride that leaves them cheering for more.

And while the name Blu Simon may seem like another step on the color chart after the White Stripes and the Black Keys, this voracious Rock n Roll power trio is anything but a carbon copy. Make room for a new color to your Rock n Roll spectrum.

Blu Simon is comprised of The Captain (Aaron Shoemaker) Lead Vocals and Guitar, Dr. Ben (Ben Shoemaker) on Drums and Vocals, Master Gator (Garrison Garza) on Bass and Vocals, Matty T (Matt Tucci) on Sax.