Bazile Mills

Indie Blues/Country Band from Omaha, Nebraska


Indie/Country Blues band, Bazile Mills, is a tribute to a time almost forgotten and the ghost town. Bazille Mills was founded in 1882 after the first woolen mill in Nebraska was erected just north of town. There wound up being many mills in the area. Today there are only about 30 residents left as the townspeople left after the mills closed. The group is based around songwriter David Mainelli and features talented around him. Tim Rozmajzl brings a gifted country/ blues lead guitar to the mix. Laura Streeter (former lead singer for Gauge) brings an array of instrumental talents and a powerful, moody/indie voice that combines with rhythm guitarist, Sam Vetter's, unique voice as well. Dan Stein plays the bass and the lap steel guitar and Robb Clemens brings plenty of band experience with the drums.

They are working on the album this fall.