Bathtub Maria

Bathtub Maria

What do you get when you cross a punk rock bassist, rock n roll drummer, hippy guitar player and two singer songwriters? Bathtub Maria!


Bathtub Maria is comprised of well seasoned Omaha vets who all love to rock. We have a very colorful history; we have all been out and about for a long time.

Bands we have played in or are in now:

Shell: Phoenix Rising, Million Little Voices

Jeff: Pedal Fast, Hand Painted Police Car, Ocean Black

Gary: Moment of Release, Stanky Pockets. Ran Eclipse Studios and ran sound at The Capitol, Ranch Bowl and The
Music Hall

Cami: Lavender Couch, Foil, Pedal Fast, Sugarburn, Goodbye Sunday, Surfer Rosa, Lesbian Bus Crash, Million Little Voices

Don: Interlude, Dive Kings, Pink Flamingoes