Aces Load’d

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Aces Load’d came together with a single goal: To create a unique sound from a lost genre. It was in the heat of summer 2011 in Omaha, Nebraska that Todd Bonge and another would create what is known today as the thrash metal band Aces Load’d. Not wanting just another garage band, Todd wanted members who were dedicated to the music, themselves, and to their fans. That search led to drummer Kory Mazur. Todd met Kory at an audition show and was impressed with the skill and sound that he produced. Hypnotized by his playing ability, Todd was impressed how Kory could draw people into his sound. Todd knew he would be perfect for his band and approached him. Kory accepted before Todd could even finish asking. Still, Todd knew something was missing, something that would set them apart. The missing link was known as Josh Pusher. He brought his own unique sound, a sound that was his own created out of passion of trial and error. Pusher auditioned and was recruited immediately. Using influences like Pantera, Lamb of God, Slayer, and Trivium, they went to work focusing on writing original material and gigging heavily with their new found heavy hitting sound.
In early 2012, Aces Load’d recorded their EP album, The Dealer. This five song album portrayed their heavy guitar riffs, blazing solos, and unique vocal punches, making The Dealer no laughing matter. After their recording, they recruited bass player Andy Bones. He was able to pick up their sound almost instantly and began playing shows immediately. The face of metal has not been the same since. HORNS UP MOTHERFUCKERS!!!m/