“Zelda Medley” by Frontier Ruckus | Love Drunk Video

Music is in our DNA here on the Love Drunk tour, but that's a given. We have plenty of spare genes focused on other geekery, too, like photography, art, literature and even video games.

So when we got to Ann Arbor early before the Frontier Ruckus shoot, Davey Jones and Zach Nichols told us about a rustic Zelda medley they had conceived: Well, we had to shoot it. We sneaked onto the University of Michigan campus, which is like Zelda's Hyrule Castle — absolutely beautiful.

Like a bunch of Blue Darknuts, campus security kept us from shooting in any absolutely stunning locations. So we stowed away on the perimeter of the Overworld. We hadn't yet found the Ocarina, but Davey had his banjo and Zach had his singing saw and melodica. We settled, united our collective Triforce (banjos, cameras, heart) and wished for the best Zelda music video yet.

Zelda Medley:
1. Fairy Fountain Theme
2. Epona's Song
3. Original Overworld Theme
4. Game Over Theme


Six Love Drunk videographers are on tour shooting live, one-take videos with bands across the eastern part of the U.S., spreading the word about Nebraska music along the way. This was day four of 17-day tour. Learn more about the project and the tour here. Watch all the videos here.

Special thanks to this year's tour sponsors, Proxibid and Havana Garage, whose generous support is paying for much of the travel costs. Please support these Omaha businesses.


audio.video.live.one take

banjo: Davey Jones
singing saw/melodica: Zach Nichols
audio recorded by Angie Norman
mixed by Matt Hovanec
video directed/edited by Django G-S

Django G-S
Matt Hovanec
Andrew Roger
Ben Semisch

Matt Hovanec

* performed Monday, May 7, 2012


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Andrew Roger is a Hear Nebraska's contributor with his own video project Ingrained. He's spent much of his time on this tour being sick. But from time to time, he feels good enough to Instagram a photo or write a story. Reach Andrew at ingrainedproductions@gmail.com.