“Why Believe” by Everything, Now! | Love Drunk Video

by Andrew Norman

On Sunday — day three of the 2011 Love Drunk Tour — were all set to shoot Indianapolis indie-rock band Everything, Now! at the Earth House Collective, an old church operating as an art space and venue. The band was all set up in and outside of the front entrance, and so were we. In fact, we'd already sound-checked drums. It was going to be awesome. Then, an angry neighbor huffed and puffed her way down the street to tell us to turn it down. We didn't want to damage the collective's already precarious relationship with its neighbors — it was Sunday afternoon, after all — so we loaded everything up and headed to a house where members of Marmoset live.

Racing against rain that never came, we shot the band playing in the front yard in a neighborhood full of their friends. We didn't plan it, but were excited when many of them wandered over to help sing backup vocals. It was a bit of spontaneity that made the backup plan turn out so much better than the original idea — not that it makes us any less bitter toward that chrotchety lady.

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audio recorded/mixed by Django G-S
video edited by Django G-S
andrew norman
angie norman
andrew roger
daniel muller
django g-s
* performed on Sunday, May 1, 2011
* photo by Daniel Muller