Take Cover, Vol. 2 | Preview

album covers of songs played this weekend at Take Cover

You've heard it before, and you'll hear it again. The Nebraska music community is a tight-knit and respectful one, with members jumping from band to band, buying each other's albums and going to countless shows to support their friends and the larger scene.

Hear Nebraska is hosting two concerts this weekend that hope to further strengthen those Nebraska bonds.

The 30 or so performers at Take Cover shows in Omaha at The Sydney and in Lincoln at The Zoo Bar will play new songs of Ladyfinger and The Renfields. They'll play classics like "The Rainbow Connection."

Some will cover songs written by folks playing the same concert. Emily Bass will cover Elliott Wegener's Manny Coon. Landon Hedges of Little Brazil and Desaparecidos covers Ted Stevens' Lullaby For The Working Class. Luke Pettipoole will cover Max Holmquist's The Great American Desert. Cory Kibler will cover Dan Jenkins' Ideal Cleaners.

All in all, you don't often get to see this number of musicians at one venue, and only at these Take Cover shows will you see them paying tribute to their fellow Nebraskan musicians. Come join in the community. Cover is $5 each night, the concerts are 21 and over and serve as fundraisers for Hear Nebraska.

Read on to learn why performers chose which songs to cover:


The Sydney | Friday, Jan. 18 at 9 p.m.

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Rebecca Lowry

Covering "The Rainbow Connection" by Paul Williams and Kenny Ascher

"I'm covering 'The Rainbow Connection,' written by Paul Williams and Kenny Ascher on Friday. Paul Williams, the pen behind hits such as Three Dog Nights' 'Just An Old Fashioned Love Song,' The Carpenters' 'We've Only Just Begun,' and the music behind Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas, as well as the president of ASCAP, was born and raised in Omaha.

"Of his songs, I chose 'Rainbow Connection' because it was the very first song I ever learned all the words to that wasn't 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' or 'Mary Had A Little Lamb.' I remember being in music class in third grade and opening up our book and page five or so, there it was, plain as day. Not to mention, I grew up watching Kermit just kill it on that banjo, and Jim Henson was a key player in my childhood.

"So, it's a nostalgic choice, sure, but it's also, I believe, a nice surprise to know that Little Enos is an Omahomie."

John Larsen

Covering "On My Mind" by John Klemmensen

"I chose it because when I first heard it, I was in the exact same situation. Good news is I am no longer in that position. I got the girl, haha."

Django Greenblatt-Seay

Covering "After O'Rourke's, 2:10 A.M." by The Good Life

"It comes off somewhat negative and depressing, but I think it's one of the more positive and uplifting songs the band has. Maybe that says something about TK?"

John Klemmensen

Covering “Dark Horse” by Ladyfinger

"When I first heard about me playing at this show, one song popped into my mind: "Dark Horse" by Ladyfinger. But then I thought, well, I want to bring some attention to some Omaha acts that I believe are under appreciated like the Love Technicians. Ladyfinger is pretty well-known.

"I also wanted to cover a female artist, because that's typically what I do when I choose a cover song. It's most often a female.

"I kept coming back to that Ladyfinger song. I relate to the melody and the lyrics. It's one of those songs that you really want people to hear the words. So that's what I'm gonna try to do Friday."

Luke Pettipoole

Covering "Brother" by The Great American Desert

"Coincidentally, I recently took a long road trip to visit two of my brothers that I hadn't seen in awhile. I put Max's record on a few times during the drive, and I always repeated "Brother" more than once. I love the lyrics. The utter heartbreak of the line "There's nothing I could have said / How could I have known she was dead?" immediately hit me."

Dan McCarthy

Covering "The Things I Cannot Say to Miss Laura Reel of Marion" by Bill Hoover

"I've always loved that title, and Bill told me he got it from an old book of very literal poetry that he picked up at a garage sale. Why Bill Hoover? Because I had already memorized all the words, listening to the cassettes 15 years ago."

Aaron Parker

Covering "Less Than the Air" by David Dondero

"I know he's not from Nebraska, but he should be!"

Heather Berney

Covering “Three Rounds Down” by Matt Cox

"I kinda like singing tough manly man songs as a smallish, somewhat delicate-looking woman. I suppose it’s the same reason I cover lots of Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash. I’m not sure why…"

Laura Burhenn

Covering "Poison Oak" by Bright Eyes

Landon Hedges

Covering "This is as Close as We Get" by Lullaby For The Working Class

Max Holmquist

Covering "Clouds" by Neva Dinova

Rachel Tomlinson Dick and Teal Gardner

Covering "Visiting Lights" by Outlaw Con Bandana

We'll just have to see what these performers cover:

Lee Meyerpeter and Josh Dunwoody

Ted Stevens


The Zoo Bar | Saturday, Jan. 19 at 9 p.m.

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Conner Goertzen

Covering mashup of a Prince of Apple Island song and “Ghost of Christmas in July/HeySanta” by Sputnik Kaputnik

Alex Walker

Covering “About to Rise” by Vibenhai

Dan Jenkins

Covering “Sip.Sip.Shot.SNAPSHOT!” by Opium Taylor

"I picked that song because it's an awesome track by one of Lincoln's all-time greatest bands. That is a FACT. I will butcher it proudly."

Gene Hogan

Covering “Before the Night is Over” by Icarian Bird

"I've always loved that song and it reminds me of a wonderful time in my life playing shows and hanging out with other bands."

Emily Bass

Covering “St. Borromeo” by Manny Coon

"I saw him perform it in a YouTube video and really liked the guitar lines. The lyrics are melancholic, and that suits my sensibilities. I like the way it translates to piano and my voice. I hope Manny Coon feels the same way!"

Luke Polipnick

Covering “Hot Air Balloon” by Darren Keen

"I'm covering Darren Keen's 'Hot Air Balloon' because it has a strong melody and some interesting chromatic chord choices; it is a strong piece that I can hear working as a solo guitar arrangement."

Daniel Dorner

Covering “In One Day” by Orion Walsh

"No matter what your faith, I think the theme of hope for a better world can resonate with anyone, plus I really like the quiet simplicity of the song itself."

Cory Kibler

Covering “To the Moon” by Ideal Cleaners

"I am choosing to do "To The Moon" by Ideal Cleaners, because I love the song and I know Ideal Cleaners always secretly wanted it to be a gentle folk-rock song that would fit right in at the dentist's office."

Michael Todd

Covering "Old Style Time" by Art School Roy

"I had the pleasure of taking part in the second annual Nebraska music retreat last August. I cherish memories of the early morning drive to get to our cabin, tubing down the Niobrara with friends, new and old, and playing music in the barn. This song and its chorus represent one of the best weekends I had last year, and I will gladly try — and likely fail — to do it the justice it deserves."

Gerardo Meza

Covering “Snake Stand” by Universe Contest

Bonehart Flannigan

Covering “I Am the Decline” The Show is the Rainbow

Manny Coon

Covering “Songbirds” by Kill County

Professor Plum

Covering “Optimism” by the Renfields


Ian Aeillo

Covering “Someone Else" by Universe Contest

Josh Miller

Covering “Be Alright” by Green Trees

We'll have to see about Pat's cover, too:

Pat Bradley

Michael Todd is Hear Nebraska's managing editor. What time is it again? Reach him at michaeltodd@hearnebraska.org.