“Someone Else” by Universe Contest | Video Premiere

[Editor's note: This video contains nudity and is likely NSFW.]

It's easy to secure a cool music video if your band has a large budget or talented filmmaker friends.  

Universe Contest's performance inspired Minneapolis screenwriter and director Nicole Brending to do it for them Aug. 1, at Cause in Minneapolis.

She explains how it came about below:

"I'm from Minneapolis and I just happened to see the band on a friend's recommendation at Cause last week. I mostly work as a screenwriter, but when I get antsy, I'll make an experimental film to satisfy my urges and had been screwing around with this footage with a horse mask and text on a wall.

"When I saw Universe Contest play, I remember turning to my boyfriend and saying, 'Wow!  They're really good!  Wouldn't the horse footage go great with their music?' He agreed and we got the CD and listened to it couple times that night. I contacted them and showed them another video I had done for an artist called Miss Guy, and they said they were game. Then I shot more text footage and cut it pretty quickly and that was that.

"The idea was really just discovering the thing as it went. It wasn't entirely premeditated but more an experiment, which isn't the only way I work, but it's definitely my favorite way to work.

"In terms of "crew," I'm the only crew for the video — I shot it myself, edited it — and I'll leave it to everyone's imagination as to who stars in it. But yeah, the song really lends itself to a kind of darkness and identity confusion that I think works well with a naked chick in a horse mask. And their music also has a kind of edge and sense of humor that allows for a range with the text — it doesn't have to be all heavy — the video can be more playful at times."

Andrew Norman is Hear Nebraska's editor-in-chief. He's writing this in a Dunkin Donuts in Seneca, Mo., which is decorated with hundreds of cow nick nacks, including one that reads, "My cow died last night. I don't need your bull." Contact him at andrewn@hearnebraska.org.