“Smells Like Good News” by Black Jonny Quest | EP Download

Black Jonny Quest spits straight sixteenths over well-woven beats.

He sings "Sweet Thangs" and falls into a groove. He trades lines with and echoes samples of Charlie Sheen and Ron Burgundy. He lets "Good News" play on as the song steps out from behind its curtain of samples to reveal an early rock 'n' roll band, there all along.

Smells Like Good News is a quick trip through nine songs ending on the longest one, "No Flowers on Venus," which Make Believe Studios regulars will remember from the label's free compilation released last year. Similarly, this EP is available for download for the price of nothing. Listen as tracks laid by Andy Regan, Dr. Gonzo, Digital Monster, Blak Treez, Loren Babe, Instrow and Sweet Love underpin Black Jonny Quest's words:

Download the EP here.