“Don’t Vote” and “Return of the Microthrone” by The Show Is The Rainbow l Love Drunk and Ingrained Videos

by Andrew Roger

If I was getting married and had a wedding planner, I would imagine I would hear a lot about textiles, flower arrangements, uncomfortable clothing, odd rituals, and honeymoon destinations. If they were really cool, they might try and see if there were some big concerts during that week that we could go to.

Awesome right? Well Nebraska's one-man music factory Darren Keen planned his own wedding with his bride, Lacey. Something between a Hawaiian laua and a punk rock show is how I imagined it went. The kicker — a planned 10-month worldwide honeymoon tour.

Love Drunk and Ingrained teamed up to shoot two videos at Keen's sendoff at the Bourbon Theatre on May 21, 2011. The Love Drunk video captures Darren performing the song "Don't Vote" backstage before his grand entrance. And the Ingrained video captures the show starter — "Return of the Mictrothrone" and gets you into the crowd with the beastily maned Keen. It's a fluid twofer, so watch them in order.

Audio recorded/mastered by Django G-S
Video edited by Django G-S
Camera: Django G-S

Audio recorded by Andrew Roger / mastered by Django G-S
Video edited by Andrew Roger
Cameras: Andrew Roger, Django G-S, Angie Norman, Andrew Norman