Plack Blague Goes Public Access | TV Clip

For those who are unfamiliar, Chic-A-Go-Go is a family-friendly public access show based out of the Windy City. On the show, preteens, toddlers and parents alike are encouraged to dress a little goofy and dance freely in a very unchoreographed manner.

The real eye-opener of the program, which makes the show what it is, is that most featured artists conventionally cater to a raunchy, after-dark underworld type of audience that is not suitable for even the semi-sheltered soul. Folks, this is not the children's show we know.

Lincoln's own Plack Blague, perhaps better known as Raws from the late punk/hardcore band Wasteoid, was the latest guest artist to be featured on Chic-A-Go-Go. Raws, typically draped in only a tough slab of spiked cowhide over his shoulders and bondage regalia, opted for pants. But that might have been the only difference. In the video, Raws hides his face in his signature black mask while holding his pentagram tapestry.

To lighten up the mood from all that is "Plack," Raws innocently jokes with the animated anteater-looking puppet by exchanging a healthy dose of the ones and twos before jumping into his set. During the performance, the kids, as well as the adults, seem to be joyfully taking in the act, which gives us the reassurance that we're all safe… at least I hope.

Steven is a Hear Nebraska contributor. He wishes he could have been introduced to this controlled debauchery at a young age like these kiddos. Reach him at