“Perfect Day” by Blue Bird l Ingrained Video

by Andrew Roger

We need more second chances, musically. I played in bands whose imagery was filled with crushed hearts, wars, broken dreams, illusions of grandeur and a banal sense of meaning in this world. I loved it and protected it. Anything different was not as serious or thoughtful or impactful as the music I played or consumed. And I think there's a point in most people's lives where we build up our collection and, then, that's it. On to jobs, kids and the occassional free iTunes track. Nothing sounds as good anymore. And time sweeps over us.

But then you turn on the radio or stop into a show and it happens. A song you wouldn't have been caught dead listening to catchs your hip — you start swaying, smiling, head-bobbing, singing along and soon enough you can raise a fist into the air with integrity. I'm not hardcore anymore, but the music I felt back when I played loud and fast — and a punch in the face didn't faze me — is still strongly pumped inside my heart. And when a good song comes on, I am refreshed in the art, no matter what genre it wraps itself in.

This transformation was made even clearer as I met up with Blue Bird, a sextet of veteran performers fronted by the too cute Marta Fiedler. Once in the dark and weighty Hymn from the Hurricane, Fiedler weaves her past angst into an upward gaze toward the light. Surrounded by the driveling nature of the everyday, she is not afraid to wait for the perfect day to come along and make it all worth it. Bluebirds, she says represent rebirth and second chances, and after you watch this video, shot at the band's Nov. 12 show at the Waiting Room Lounge, you'll agree we all need more Blue Bird in our lives.

Catch the Omaha band at The Big Deep's album release Friday, Jan. 20, 9 p.m. at The Waiting Room Lounge.

Shot by: Andrew Roger, Nate Gasaway, Django Greenblatt-Seay

Edited by: Andrew Roger

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