Omaha Vigil Against Violence | Video Feature

 by Andrew Norman

Omahans rallied against violence at Memorial Park Thursday, July 26, in reaction to a reported hate crime in Lincoln that took place on July 22. Charlie Rogers, 33, said three masked men barged into her house and brutally assulted her, carving homophobic slurs into her body, binding her with zip ties and starting a fire in her home. KVNO said "thousands" attended Thursday's rally, which featured speakers including Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle, City Councilman Ben Gray and many members of the city's LGBTQI community. (Editor's note: The Omaha World-Herald was noticeably absent.)

HN contributors Mike Machian, Chevy Anderson and Django G-S were on hand and assembled this video of the rally's finale. 

Shooters: Chevy Anderson, Django G-S, Mike Machian

Editing: Mike Machian