“No Health Insurance” by The Last Slice | Love Drunk Video

by Django G-S

Tulsa's The Last Slice performs "Health Insurance" at Hot Shops Art Center in north downtown Omaha for Love Drunk's 62nd live music video session.

The punk/ska band is set to release a new full-length, Fresh Cuts, on March 9. The album was recorded at Plan C Recording Studio in Lincoln.

The five-piece group's catchy, danceable songs will be locally available at Knickerbockers Saturday, Dec. 17 at the "Bottlerocket Totally Awesome XMas Show."

audio.video.live.one take

audio recorded/mixed by matt hovanec (plan c recording)
video directed/edited by django g-s

matt hovanec
django g-s
mike machian
brittany mcneal
daniel muller
brock raum
ben semisch

* performed on Sunday, August 7, 2011