“Nicosia” by Chris Bathgate | Ingrained Video

There are lines in the sands of history. Some are merely drawn by little boys daring each other to cross. Others are the walls and razor wire separating nations, races and families.

A simple stack of stones can demonize a population and chastise those on the other side. One such line is on the island of Cyprus in the town of Nicosia, splitting the land into the Republic of Cyprus and Turkey. A Turkish invasion in 1974 resulted in a divided country and forced families out of their homes. A Green Line was drawn.

Chris Bathgate, from Ann Arbor, Mich., spent a month there quietly crossing the border in the dead of night. This is his story.

Cameras: Django Greenblatt-Seay, Andrew Roger, Nate Gasaway

Edit: Andrew Roger

Filmed at Slowdown on Dec. 5.

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