“New Czar” by Pretty & Nice | Love Drunk Video

It could be Vincent Asta's magnificent mustache. Or maybe it's Sarah Johnson's knack for conversation with customers.

Whatever it is, the co-owners at Omaha Bicycle Co. are off to a roaring start. Benson's bicycle/coffee combination shop has welcomed patrons for almost a year now, and business seems to keep getting better. It was here at OBC that Boston's Pretty & Nice performed "New Czar," amidst bicycle bells, baked goods and caffeinated beverages. 

It's Love Drunk's 113th session, and is Pretty & Nice's second after being featured in session #82 as part of Love Drunk's 2012 East Coast tour.

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audio engineer/mix: matt hovanec

edit: django g-s

chevy anderson
jj dreier
django g-s
nicholas o'bradovich
andrew roger
chris williams

jj dreier

* performed on Saturday, April 21, 2013