Girl You Know It’s | New Releases

by Billy DeFrain

Every time I try to write these I get sidetracked reading articles about mythology on Wikipedia.

Boney M. | Barbra Streisand: Boney M. Goes Club | Farian
Eurodisco session group covers Barbara Streisand tribute/mashup album. Frank Farian finally started reading my letters!

British Sea Power | Valhalla Dancehall | Rough Trade
The dancehall so exclusive people are dying to get in! And by people I mean Vikings, and by dying, I mean on a battlefield.

Bayside | Killing Time | Wind-Up
If I were a serial killer, I’d set my watch so it always read “Killing Time.”
You know…If.

Billy Joel | She’s Always a Woman to Me: Lovesongs | Columbia
No matter what that Y chromosome, or the courts, say otherwise.

Bizzy Bone | Mr. Ouija | Sicness

Danielson | The Best of Gloucester County | Sounds Familyre
Slightly less Famile, but now includes Jens Lekman and Sufjan Stevens.*

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows | D.R.U.G.S. | Warner Bros
Includes the tracks “Laminated ET Animal” and “Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm.”*

Discodeine | Discodeine | Wagram Records
Not quite as a heavy as Vicodance.

G. Love | FIxin’ To Die | Brushfire
There’s a joke in here somewhere about Special Sauce, I just know it.

K – Rino | The Alien Baby | Black Book International
Album art of the week winner!

Layzie Bone | The Meaning | RBC
TWO Bone Thugs solo albums on the same day? It’s like Christmas has come early! Because my family’s Christmas tradition is that we always trade Bone Thugs CDs.

Magic Kingdom | Symphony of War | Limb Music Products
All the fantasy of Disney’s Magic Kingdom, but with more power metal and fewer drugs.  Like Rhapsody of Fire, but Belgian.

Quarterfly | Do You Believe | Rock Ridge Music’s review describes Quarterfly’s sound as “Nickelback meets Creed meets 3 Doors Down,” so let that be your guide when you’re debating whether to check this out.*

Various Artists | Best of Baby Genius
Perfect for instilling that regret over not losing custody of the kids.