Collaborate The Masses | Preview

by Bryce Wergin

On the month's First Friday, the last light fades from pink to blue in the Western sky and Lincoln's downtown comes to life with the voices and smiles of couples, friends and art enthusiasts as they make the rounds to view and support local artists and businesses. That happens every month, but this time, these culture promoters can produce their own piece of art.

The Bourbon Theatre's Collaborate The Masses event will feature collaborative and interactive art booths and a massive sidewalk chalk mural, which they can help create while viewing collections from local artists and watching seven local bands. There will be two spraypaint, live art canvases and face and body painting. An art raffle will benefit Hear Nebraska.

The show doubles as a CD release for The Poet Solace Taylor and will feature Powerful ScienceDigger Thompsons KidsAZPClimatesTime Hammer and Man Mantis.

Artists include Matt Trudell, Oakley, Kat Voi, Art Vonsagen, Seth Slagle, Jared Sipes, Conner Goertzen, Kevin Schinck, Norm 4 Eva, Bridget Brice, Adam Williams, Jessica Misner and Katie Muller.

Doors open at 8 p.m. on Friday (music starts at 9) and costs $5 for those 21+ or $7 for 18-21. A free art walk and preview of the event at The Bourbon from 5-7 p.m. will feature food and drink from art chefs Hannah Dovel and Ryan Shoemaker.

RSVP on the Facebook Event and have yourself a fantastic First Friday.

Bryce Wergin is an intern for Hear Nebraska. He's a big fan of both food and art, so this food art thing is really something to be excited about. Contact him at