Buddy, When You Call Me You Can Call Me | New Releases

by Billy DeFrain

Around 10 years ago (I’m dating myself), the big trend was to name your band with a “the” in front of it. What the hell happened to that? Now indie bands seem to be afraid of definite articles. So if I start a fake band, it will be called Plurals, as a statement that I am on to your band-naming trends.

Agnes Obel | Philharmonics | Play it Again Sam
This album of slow, quiet, piano-centric music is every bit exciting its album art implies.

And One | Zerstörer | Metropolis Records

This söng is either brilliant parödy, ör brilliantly un-self-aware. Either way, I swear I’m nöt making this up.

Atmopshere | The Family Sign I Rhymesayers Entertainment
I guess it's International White Dude Hip-Hop release day.

Autechre | EPs: 1991-2002 | Warp
Five disc set of the electronic duo’s EPs. Doy.

Bearsuit | The Phantom Forest | Fortuna Pop
Unremarkable and equal parts dance-pop and stoner rock. However, the band name reminds me of Project Grizzly, which is a captivating documentary about a Canadian who survives a bear attack as a child only to dedicate his life to designing a suit of armor capable of withstanding a bear attack.

Chartbuster Karaoke Gold: In the Style of Josh Groban | Chartbuster Karoke
Eleven tracks, 11 ways to instantly end your party!

Crystal Stilts | In Love With Oblivion | Slumberland
Sounds like Calvin Johnson fronting the Beach Boys playing Velvet Underground songs.

The Feelies | Here Before | Bar/None
The Feelies’ first album in 20 years. You’d be better off getting 1980’s Crazy Rhythms because of this song:

Femi Kuti | Africa for Africa | Knitting Factory Records
First album in three years from son of the Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti.

Foo Fighters | Wasting Light | RCA
Foo Fighters make a Queens of the Stone Age album. I have to be frequently reminded that Foo Fighters still exist.

Garage a Trois | Always be Happy, but Stay Evil | Royal Potato Family Records
Yes, I picked this band because the name is funny. But it’s also noise-jazz heavy on organs and vibes. And they cover the theme from John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13.

Generationals | Actor-Caster I Park the Van
Simple, fuzzy pop. They’ll be at the Bourbon April 28.

Indian | Guiltless I Relapse Records
If you had to guess, and you guessed “metal,” well that’d be a safe guess.

Low | C’mon | Sub Pop
The usually slow, frequently loud, and perpetually miserable Low get nominally brighter on this one.

Meat Puppets | Lollipop | Megaforce
Speaking of bands about which I am ambivalent and unaware they are still recording.  

Never Shout Never | Year One | Loveway Records
Finally, someone is making boring, embarrassing, single-guy-with-his-guitar emo albums. Year One chronicles Who He Is and How He Came to Be. Spoiler alert: Heartbreak is involved, followed by shameless sing-whining.

Panda Bear | Tomboy | Paw Tracks
Another solo album from a guy from Animal Collective, and nominally less inaccessible.

Paul Simon | So Beautiful of So What | Hear Music
Tell your dads!

Red Fang | Murder the Mountains | Relapse Records
Black Sabbish

TV On the Radio | Nine Types of Light | Interscope
I’m running out of motivation this week, but this album will probably be pretty good.