The Travel Guide, Edge of Arbor, Excellency at O’Leaver’s

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The Travel Guide: Since its inception in 2010, The Travel Guide has earned a reputation for rousing live shows and smart, dynamic songs have grown the quartet a loyal following in the Midwest
Edge Of Arbor: Omaha-based band, Edge of Arbor, is fresh off the release of their second collection of songs entitled Simple Thrill. The group, which began as an acoustic/percussion duet comprised of singer-songwriter Jessica Errett and Matthew Shrader in 2008, has grown into a five piece rock band, currently featuring Jason Domonkos, Kristin Pikop, and Daniel Burns. The group especially prides itself on creative song arrangements, high lambic consumption, and their most-charming mascot “Twiggy”. Edge of Arbor was honored to receive an Omaha Entertainment Award nomination in 2012 for their contributions to the local music scene.