Na’an Stop w/ Ro Hempel – Bodega’s Alley

Na’an Stop with Ro Hempel Music

Na’an Stop is a lifestyle.

It’s a commitment to living life 100%. This means acting on your own terms, charging everything, and taking whatever you’re doing to the next level.

This mindset has always lived within the members of Na’an Stop. A love for reggae brought the band together at the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2011, but their diverse influences and personalities are what drive the unique sound that is Na’an Stop. The reggae/rock foundation paves the way for the band’s funk, ska, and hip hop influences that are expressed through harmonious brass pieces, heavy drum beats, and fluid guitar play. Their high energy live performances and sold out shows at the world famous Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO have helped them become one of the fastest rising success stories in the Colorado music scene. Their first studio album, “From the Deep”, reached #2 on the iTunes Reggae Charts and #5 on the Billboard Reggae Album Charts and has proven Na’an Stop is ready to make a name for themselves in the national reggae scene. As the group continues to expand their regional and national presence it’s clear that Na’an Stop is on the rise and, true to their name, not slowing down.