Dead Mockingbirds, The New Rosenbergs, Little Ripple at Milk Run

Dead Mockingbirds (Dallas, TX)
Dead Mockingbirds rock and roll the nails out of the walls. Influences may be placed upon them, but simply put: they’re loud, wild, and a lot of fun. They hit like a summer in Dallas: hot and sweaty. Riffs hang heavy like a wet flag, sticking to the side of your mind and will have you humming hooks for days. A. MUST. SEE.

The New Rosenbergs
Hi. We’re The New Rosenbergs. We’re a lo-fi punk duo from Omaha. We have five songs. Call us if you need a 10 minute slot filled at your DIY space.

Little Ripple
Ameen Wahba & Friends

9pm show
all ages