A HAPPENING: Dereck Higgins + Carol Rogers

When Derek Higgins was a young boy he recalled a time going with his father on a particular music errand. His Dad, Red Higgins, was known throughout Omaha for his smooth saxophone sounds. They were off to a familiar destination, a woman’s house which had become the jamming hub for every good musician in the city. Jeanne Rogers was an accomplished pianist and vocalist who had five children in observation and absorption of the audio energy which surged around them in her house. The Higgins were welcomed guests.

On that one particular day when Derek was with his father, he vividly recalled waiting on him to conduct his music business at Jeanne’s house. He remembered seeing her younger daughter, Carol Jeanne. Their kids sat quiet and aware of each other from opposite sides of the room.

More than five decades later, Derek and Carol have struck up a new acquaintance, one frothed with mutual admiration for the years spent in different situations and genres. They have planned A HAPPENING for an eclectic audience at the Carver Bank. You should be there.