The Polley Music Library strengthens music community through education

When librarian Carolyn Dow helped found the Polley Music Library in 1981, it was naught but an empty loft space and music teacher Lillian Polley’s classical collection.

In the ensuing 35 years, the space inside downtown Bennett Martin Public Library has grown to help fit its mission: to educate and entertain.

“I think we’re here to support the music community here in Lincoln,” Dow says, “which, frankly, is everybody who is interested in music.”

To that end, Polley Music Library houses a circulating collection of music books, sheet music, nonfiction CDs and music magazines.

We sat down with Dow at the Polley Music Library to talk about its founding, the educational resources the library provides and what its goals are for the music community.

Polley Music LibraryPolley Music Library

Polley Music LibraryPolley Music Library

Polley Music Library
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