Spock Nixon: Live on Hear Nebraska FM

We’re coming up on a year since the first time we heard from the Lincoln band Spock Nixon. In that instance, it was a pair of well-layered songs, that introduced the band as a rhythm-centric soft rock group with a taste for the completive.

Laden with tumultuous, but knowing, lyrics, the young band bears a clear resemblance to Lincoln contemporaries Oketo, even if their tactics are a little more on the sleeve. Guitars and washy chords take the reigns and vocal harmonies are a premium.

What’s more, when Hear Nebraska interviewed the band back in March of this year, they pointed to the two aforementioned tracks, “Like A Cigarette” and “Playing God,” as the seeds of a concept record waiting in the wings. Of course, plans may have changed on that end, as they also pointed out the band was still very much developing into a place of comfort with its sound and direction. You might also imagine things could change after the recent departure of singer and songwriter Garrison Hernandez, who moved to Texas.

In the mean time, Lincoln bears witness to an exciting still-new act. One that, based on what we’ve heard so far is unlikely to just wander into a sound. You can hear active searching, and a budding understanding of bandship. After all, they join us in the studio tonight five members deep.

Here is Spock Nixon: