Sleigh Bells at Slowdown | Photo Essay



photos and words by Molly Misek

The first resounding blasts from the monstrous amplifiers lining the stage were met with equally thundering applause, as the crowd at Slowdown on Tuesday caught a first glimpse of Alexis Krauss and her bandmates. The vocalist of the noise pop band Sleigh Bells led a unique serenade, enticing audience members with her signature fierce attire and genuine elation at seeing the packed venue.

As she would say later in the night, this crowd was "better than 40,000 people at Coachella," at which the band had just played.

Krauss also recalled memories from Sleigh Bells's last stop in Omaha, where an audience member had handed her a pineapple. Across the crowd, someone shouted, "That was me!" although no pineapple was offered this time around.

The performance provided an array of lights perfectly synchronized to the jarring basslines and standout melodies of songs like "Infinity Guitars" and "Bitter Rivals," the title track from their newest album. 

Electronic artist Sumsun (also known as Judson Rogers) opened with a playlist of club hits, prepping the audience for a night of intense jamming.

Check out more photos from the show below:

Sleigh Bells


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