Skrillex in the Streets | Photo Review

Various electronic artists, ranging from local to international fame, rattled the window-frames of local business in downtown Lincoln last night for Skrillex in the Streets.

Sonny John Moore, better known by his stage name Skrillex, walked on stage holding a cigarette, and was immediately met with a tremendous roar from the crowd. The music started, with a bass that hits the chest more than the ears, and the crowd was drowned out by an explosion of light and noise. The growling, wobbling mid-tone bass that has become a staple of Skrillex’s sound filled the intersection of 13th and N in Lincoln, and from that point on, the show never slowed down in tempo or intensity.

Skrillex played a mixture of his old and new music, occasionally broken up by remixes of other hit music, such as “Work” by A$AP Ferg. Through the entire show, he never stopped moving – whether he was jumping up and down, pacing back and forth or standing on the table to yell into the microphone.

Local electronic duo Buckhunter started the night out. Hundreds of people, some dressed up in costumes, flocked to the stage as Buckhunter encouraged the audience to put their hands in the air and jump up and down.

Alesia, a duo from France, took the stage next. They slowed the tempo down to more of a Moombahton speed as the security guards repeatedly hit beach balls back into the audience that accidentally made their way up in front of the barrier. The sun was down when Alesia started, and when it was dark enough the light show started, with beams of yellow and green light jetting from the stage onto the surrounding buildings.

The third act of the night was GTA, yet another electronic duo. Utilizing a mixture of popular trap-music, a style of electronic dance music, and original work, the pair frequently mixed in various samples of men and women saying “GTA.” The light show continued to get more complicated, and the samples of police sirens and gunshots came more and more frequently, as the set progressed. The security guards eventually gave up on telling people not to sit on each other’s shoulders — there were simply too many people doing it.

Waka Flocka Flame was a crowd favorite, on multiple occasions jumping off stage into the press pit and taking pictures with audience members in the front-row on their cell phones. Flocka delivered several champagne showers into the audience, yelling a healthy amount of “Brick Squad” and “Flocka” into the microphone. He brought two people from the audience on stage during his set to dance with him.

Skrillex in the Streets was a huge success, with audience members ranging from teenagers to middle-aged adults. There was never a real low-point in the show, and fans never seemed to lose their steam and get tired. The concert was loud, bright, and well-attended. Hopefully, Lincoln will see more outdoor events of this size in the future.

See photos from the concert below.


Waka Flocka Flame