“Scorched Earth (Do-Da)” by The Kickback | Love Drunk Video

It's hard not to become friends with musicians for whom we shoot Love Drunk videos. Like tiling a roof, working so closely and intensely for a number of hours — setting up audio and video equipment, planning shots while the band runs through the song, shooting a few takes to get the best one and tearing down —  all of that helps establish a sort of camaraderie among the shooters and the players. There was no sun beating on our backs in the air-conditioned office of GoodTwin Design in Midtown Omaha where eight Love Drunk shooters captured The Kickback performing a new song June 25. But by the time it was over, everyone in the room knew they'd produced something lasting together. That's not nothing. 
There are two things that are important to note about this video: First, it features a band which has become a sort-of adopted son in Nebraska — building friends and fans every time they stop here (which tends to be a couple times a year). This is the second Love Drunk video for The Kickback — the first shot on the roof of Sandy's in Lincoln. That video has about 3,500 plays by now. Hopefully, this one will have the same success. The second significant note is that the video was shot in the afternoon, and Love Drunk captain Django G-S had it edited by the time the band finished its performance at Daniel Muller's art studio in Benson. It was pretty impressive work.
See for yourself below, and tell us what you think in the comments.

audio.video.live.one take
audio recorded/mixed/mastered by: matt hovanec
nate gasaway, django g-s, daniel muller, adam nielsen, andrew norman, andrew roger, ben semisch