“I’m Not That Famous Yet” by Christopher the Conquered | Live Video

Christopher Ford is an eccentric performer, to say the least.

As Christopher the Conquered, his seemingly boundless sense of humor and sharp wit add bright color to songs dripping with dark irony: Producers die before hit records can be made; Despite how unique it was, he can’t remember the name of your town;

In “I’m Not That Famous Yet” — the song he performs here from the Slowdown front room Aug. 20 — he facetiously details the aftermath of a disgusting transformation he undergoes after his career skyrockets. The fictional Ford eschews his family and friends and traipses across the country, stealing girlfriends and causing mayhem, until his fans finally rip him from the stage and murder him on the venue floor.

Of course, it’s a metaphor, an exaggerated look at fame’s effects on the artist and how it can tear them apart from the inside out. The rub is that Ford admits to not being that famous, but it could be coming at any moment, and its meta to think that such a boost in fame might render the song entirely meaningless.

Even if that ridiculous level of fame is nearly unreachable, Ford stands on the cusp of a breakout. After giving his forthcoming album, I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll, to singer/songwriter Natalie Prass at a concert in his native Des Moines, she passed it along to producer/songwriter Ryan Adams, who gave him “the bump” via Twitter. That’s led to a high-activity reddit thread and press in Consequence of Sound and Billboard.

Watch the oft-visiting Christopher the Conquered perform “I’m Not That Famous Yet,” from forthcoming Maximum Ames LP I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll — a performance thankfully spared of a murderous fanbase.

Christopher The Conquered – “I’m Not That Famous Yet” | Live at Slowdown from Hear Nebraska on Vimeo.