Frontier Ruckus, Eli Mardock and Ted Stevens Unknown Project at O’Leaver’s Pub | Photo Essay



photos and words by Molly Misek

For the handful of audience members at O'Leaver's Pub on Friday who weren't familiar with Frontier Ruckus, that subtle, synthetic wavering sound perfectly emphasizing the rest of the acoustics was no keyboard. Instead, a musical saw carried the melodies with a vibration fitting of the band's taste for old-fashioned aesthetics. 

The Michigan-bred folk musicians of Frontier Ruckus describe themselves as "collagists & memorialists of their local world's dense pilings," providing context with the performance of the stand-out track "Eyelashes," an imagistic memorium for mascara-pasted eyelashes that looked like needles. Their set also saw the reappearance of vocalist Anna Burch, who'd been absent for the band's previous stops in Nebraska.

Eli Mardock and Ted Stevens Unknown Project, rounded out the "Hear Nebraska presents" billing at O'Leaver's on Friday.

Check out photos from the night below:

Frontier Ruckus

Eli Mardock

Ted Stevens Unknown Project

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