Free State Folk presents Davey’s Uptown | Video Feature

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video and words by Jacob Frese

Just a quick drive down I-29, Kansas has a lot in common with its northern neighbor. Rowdy rock clubs. Up-and-coming record labels. And most importantly, a dynamic community of musicians with serious talent. United by more than mere geographic locality, Nebraska and Kansas feature many bastions of culture amidst a landscape of silos and cornfields.
I've spent a lot of time in Nebraska frequenting live music staples in Omaha and Lincoln. As a longtime fan of both scenes, I wanted to share some of the best venues in the area with my northern neighbors, including (but not limited to): the dives, the local speakeasy staples, the places where the music lives.

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Davey's Uptown is one of many venues in midtown that speaks to weird, dark souls of seasoned Kansas City music fans. Sandwiched between the sweaty chaos of Westport and the more upscale Crossroads, midtown is the place where the locals go to get their dive bar fix. Midtown serves as the beating heart of one of the best (and frequently overlooked) scenes in the Midwest. It's a vibrant, raucous place that plays host to a staggering variety of music on any given night.

Davey's first opened to the public in 1950. Appropriately, the decor on the walls feels straight out of Grandpa's living room. The music, however, is a bit more contemporary, with a sizable emphasis on rockabilly and country. Somehow. Davey's always feels comfortable, no matter how many regulars crowd the stage. And the sound at Davey's is fairly hi-fi for a so-called dive bar. The sound guy will even record and master your bands' show for a reasonable fee. 

The video below features performances from Don't Stop Please, Interstate Astronauts and Good Time Charley.

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