Oedipus Tex and Bonehart Flannigan at Meadowlark Coffee

Oedipus Tex has a new EP coming out…and we’re hitting the road!
Description: Oedipus Tex evokes a certain type of desert loneliness with shimmering guitar lines and tragic melodies…songs range from pop-leaning indie a la Andrew Bird to dreamy Nick Drake-style folk rock
– The Onion/ A.V. Club

Introspective and delicate…super kick-ass guitary-ness…full-on post-folk warble
– Shitty Barn Sessions.


Oedipus Tex will be opening for our homie Bonehart Flannigan

“Bonehart Flannigan is the truck driver who saves you from the cult, sings you his sad stories and sends you on your way.”