No Thanks tape release w/ Bien Fang & Super Moon at Milk Run

Omaha’s spookiest political punk act are eager to release their long awaited Position, a tape which borders on manifesto. Recorded in the winter of 2015 in the dungeons of Kick’s ancestral home, with nothing but their wits and the drunken advice of their old friend, Azul, Position is the result of their sweat, blood and angst. From slow and wicked to fast and heavy, No Thanks is the manic delivery of Castro Turf, the shrieking strings of Kick Banan, the furious rhythms of Ruby Roux, and the relentless percussions of the Lost Boy. Together the No Thanks Liberation Front cries out against the evils of social hierarchy, and calls upon an eager audience to liberate themselves from subjugation.

Hailing from Lincoln, Bien Fang delivers grunge, punk, and pop in riotous style, sure to awaken and empower those that listen to their haunting lyrics. None can deny the power, talent and righteousness prevalent in their set.

Classic and sludgy the sounds of Super Moon leaves listeners in aware, as an atmosphere of doom envelopes them. The air trembles with their dark sounds, as black magic takes hold.

Together these three bands are sure to delivery a night for the witches, where black cats lurk under moonlight and rebellious freedom rings off of each musical note. Songs will be sung, bonds will be formed, and constrains will be broken.

There will be limited quantities of free pizza and root beer, so show up early! There is a solid chance of vegan options for pizza as well.

Friday, June 17th
Milk Run, 1907 Leavenworth
9:30 p.m. show, $5 at the door