Carnage The Executioner, Articulate, Third Eye Merchants, REZO at O’Leaver’s

Carnage The Executioner: **Carnage The Executioner is a Minneapolis based Hip-Hop Artist: accomplished Beat Boxer, Emcee, Producer and Instructor of over 15 years. He continues to build an undeniable resumé with performances in Europe, numerous US tours, quality recordings and teaching the art of vocal percussion. Minneapolis Star Tribune said, “his mouth might be the best drummer in town” in reference to his beat box skills.**
Articulate: Hardcore Hip Hop
Third Eye Merchants: The Third Eye Merchants are an American hip-hop duo spawned from the filth that surrounds us. Comprised of emcee Static Soul and producer Downtown James Brown, the two currently reside & record in Midtown Omaha, Nebraska.

Influenced by golden era boom bap and all music universal, the Merchants cultivate a stab you in the face, fun, raw, gritty sound.

REZO: Playing songs between sets