You Beautiful Creature

Instrumental funk rock freedom fighters.



Nathan and Owen met in the not-too-far-but-too-distant-to-remember past, as they searched the myriad dimensions for compatible jam partners. This is where the first seeds of YBC were sown. The two did numerous covers before deciding that original funk rock must be made, and thus the journey to find a drummer and second guitarist began.

Very weary from their travels, the two then stumbled upon a great forest, mysterious yet inviting. Inside they found the greatest centaur drummer in the universe: Sean McGill. As he rolled away magnificent fills using all four hooves and both arms, the omnipotent bassist and squishy merman guitarist knew they had found their rhythm section. A few riffs later and a song was born.

Yet the trio knew that they had not found the end of their path. As the centaur joined the group and the creatures grew stronger, they followed their inhuman instincts and looked far and wide for that special potion only accessible from the fires in the middle of the earth. This is where they met outspoken alien and discoverer of the fountain of youth, Craig Adams, to help them in their domination of mankind. After becoming immortal from his discovery, his next challenge was to create music mind-boggling enough to create peace.

With their powers combined, the four musicians vowed to use their skills only for the good of all; all meaning the band. With mischief and witty jokes in mind, they set off to laugh about trivialities and people who take themselves and their worlds too seriously. So far, they've been successful.


You can only go so far with so far.

After conquering the world, the creatures each took a sabbatical, each pursuing eccentric interests in exotic locations. The hiatus left the world ravenous; the universe shifted its focus from beauty to ugliness. Knowing the people needed them to reveal the hidden beauty of the world as they had before, the creatures put down their bizarre hobbies to resurrect beauty before it was too late.

It had been millenia since the group had met and merged their powers- the grungy merman, the funky god, the punk centaur and the spacey alien had conquered the world and gone their separate ways. But a storm was brewing in the Midwest, and these beautiful creatures were never ones to ignore a good adventure.

They'd beaten super-seriousness once before. By playing songs that reminded people of how delicious beer is and what type of clothes are appropriate at what time, they had shown the super-serious people that they should take it easy. But in the process, they had created a monster- taking it too easy, people were brainwashed by unhappiness! The band, being experts on being happy AND taking it easy at the same time, knew what they had to do. They had to use their powers for the good of all once again.

Hailing from distant lands of fantastical insignificance, the creatures converged on a small library in a basement by a hill to discuss the new plans of mayhem- they were ready to unleash their second secret weapon that would musically devastate every square inch of the great plains.

Their reunion would have to be short, and bittersweet. Thus, prior to their meeting, the creatures telepathically communicated so as to prepare their devious plans well in advance of the attack. The holidays of the mortals were approaching, and the creatures had to stay hidden in the shadows so their esoteric plans would not be found out.

Armed with their musical weapon and their strange plans, the creatures set to work, subverting the mortal plane of existence with their mystical one. With enough luck and too much beer, the creatures just might be successful in defeating unhappiness once and for all.