Tommy J

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Tom Jara AKA Tommy J, has been creating/writing music since the age of 12. Known for the style of classic 90's Hip Hop he brings many different styles as well. His diverse background in music shows in his writing style, flow and delivery. Raised on oldies by his mother, looking up to such artists as Ritchie Valens, Jackie Wilson, David Ruffin, Freddy Fender, Teddy Pendergrass, and much more. His love for Hip Hop grew in the mid 90s when he was introduced to Jay-Z's album "Reasonable Doubt". The pictures painted by words alone created an outline for the future he visioned. Wanting to better his craft and master the art he began researching past MC's (legends) such as Wu-Tang, Big Daddy Kane, A Tribe Called Quest, MC Shan, KRS One, Notorious BIG, 2 Pac, Mos Def, etc.
Tommy J remains to bring you that old school flavor that seems to be missing from music today, he believes the past shouldn't be ignored, we need to keep moving forward but in the right way.