The Blacktop Ramblers

The Blacktop Ramblers dedicate themselves to doing music their way. All revved up and all original Rockabilly!


Categorized as an originals only rockabilly band, the best word to describe The Blacktop Ramblers is tradition. With musical tastes clearly from a bygone era and influences spanning Roots/Americana acts from Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Marty Robbins to Chuck Berry, Elvis and Jerry Lee.

Frontman/Guitarist Red, brings his knowledge and love of Travis picking, rapid fire rockabilly turnarounds and 50’s style country and rock licks to the table.

Corey Stroud with his rhythmic slapping technique and firm grasp of traditional bass is the life of every show once he stands on and twirls his upright, doghouse bass.

Since hitting the Omaha scene, November of 2010, audiences have found their blend of surf, rockabilly, country and swing highly danceable including the Omaha Jitterbugs who frequent the shows.

For booking The Blacktop Ramblers please email them at: