The Big Deep

Sophomore album “Echoes on the Little Blue” drops on March 7, 2014.


In September of 2013, Omaha indie roots rock band, The Big Deep, gathered on a sandbar of the Little Blue River near Endicott, Nebraska for a short visit. By night, they camped under the stars, and by day, they commenced tracking their sophomore album in the surrounds of the hay loft of a 109-year-old barn.

Over the next few months the five (and sometimes six)-piece band finished an ambitious catch of songs to follow up the release of “Roman Empire” in 2012. It’s a collection of music arching from danceable rock and roll to plaintive ballads. Full of beauty and grit, it’s the product of a band which is sometimes dark and brooding, sometimes shiny and bright, but always exploring the struggles within mankind - even as they cope with the conflicts between themselves.

In homage to the drums and guitars which reverberated from the hay loft down the river’s banks, they titled their new creation “Echoes on Little Blue.” And they release it with the hope that it stirs fresh emotions with each listen.

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“2011 was a year of successes for roots rock band The Big Deep, and in 2012 they are not resting on their laurels… Ever since meeting the guys in The Big Deep, one thing I have noticed is that they are motivated and expect to put in the work to make things happen for them. Because of this work ethic, along with an appealing sound, and solid live performance the band won the opening slot at last year’s MAHA Music Festival. The band was voted the winner out of over 60 bands at the Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards Summer Showcase.
- MarQ Manner, Shout Weekly

“The Big Deep is one of Omaha's many up-and-comers. The band, which has only been around since 2010, already has an impressive resume that includes a performance at last year's MAHA Music Festival and a "Best New Artist" nomination for the 2012 Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards.”
- Katie Fennelly, Daily Nebraskan

“The Big Deep brought out a sizable crowd for their Friday night Roman Empire album release show at the Waiting Room Lounge, 6212 Maple St. Their set was another upbeat romp through amped-up indie country-rock, However, slight elements of Phish and the Grateful Dead also peeked out from the band's songs, colliding with songs that leaned sonically towards the indie style of artists like Bright Eyes, M. Ward and the Decemberists.”
- Chris Aponick, The Reader

“Their debut album, Roman Empire, is rooted in folk and alt-country and features a series of uplifting, classic transient travel songs. Incorporating gradual rises in vocal harmony, bending guitar licks and twangy harmonica vibrations, The Big Deep instills an almost vagabond mentality that may be best suited for a boxcar and a jug of wine, on a discovery-bound endless endeavor to wipe away all of life's worries and struggles.”
- Steven Ashford, Hear Nebraska